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AdmWin - for the Windows, Linux and Novell Administrator

NTreport revision history

Known Bugs and Issues

  • None

1.141 (8.0)

  • Error messages from the log window are written to the file "ntreport.log" when NTreport is executed from the command line.

1.14 (7.5)

  • Improved flow control; added "Else" and "ExitSection"

1.13 (6.05)

  • Added setting NTinfo.Programs

1.12 (6.04)

  • Added setting NTinfo.NIC
  • Fixed: GUI not entirely blocked when script executed, this sometimes resulted in strange behavior.
  • Added quick command help: press F1 for help for command of current script line.

1.11 (6.0)

  • Added settings -
    • NTinfo.Disk.Structure
    • NTinfo.Mapped.Drive