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AdmWin - for the Windows, Linux and Novell Administrator

NTinfo revision history

Known Bugs and Issues

  • None

2.581 (8.0)

  • Fixed: File finder stops with "The filename or extension is too long" error if very long file names or extensions.

2.58 (6.05)

  • New property: programs (the ones listed in control panel > add/remove program).
  • Improved "Find.Files" command - possible to use path variables (%SystemRoot%,%ProgramFiles%, %Cookies% etc.) to search standard Windows locations with different file paths depending on setup, current user etc.
  • Improved File finder -
    • Added path variable (see above) selection dialog; click the "V" button.
    • Possible to quickly open displayed directories from both local and remote machines in an explorer window; right-click the "Dir" (directory) column in the grid and select the "Open Folder" menu item.

2.57 (6.04)

  • File finder - finds finds files and directories and calculates directory sizes on all local hard drives on NT, 2000, XP and 2003 machines across your entire network.
  • New property: Network interface card type, speed.
  • Auxiliary section: new command: "Find.Files".
  • Auxiliary section: added quick command help: press F1 for help for command of current script line.

2.561 (6.02)

  • Fixed:
    • Event log reader: "access violation" when bad message file DLL (very rare).
    • "Shares" property - stopped with error message when share list contained a share with no access entries (a share that no one could access).
    • Minor Windows server 2003 issues.

2.56 (6.01)

  • Fixed: "Recent docs", "Desktop items" and "Start menu files" did not return anything under some circumstances.
  • Auxiliary section: improved registry commands -
    • "Enumerate.Registry.Keys" - read from HKEY_CURRENT_USER on remote machines.
    • "Get.Registry.Value" - read from HKEY_CURRENT_USER on remote machines, enumerate all values in a key by specifying "*" in value name, support for DWORD values. Examples: enumerate IE Internet addresses manually entered by the user, enumerate explorer advanced settings.

2.55 (6.0)

  • New properties -
    • Disk structure - total physical disk space, number of disks, disk size, partitions.
    • Mapped drives - persistent and recent network drives.
  • Improved "Service" property - now also displays status and startup type.
  • Fixed UI bug: various checkboxes unchecked when changing "show domain" box.