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AdmWin - for the Windows, Linux and Novell Administrator

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I find documentation for old versions?

The old online web manual for version 5.04 and lower can be found here. AdmWin 5.05 and higher includes a version specific .chm HTML help file.

Can I order a printed manual?

No. Click the print button in the help viewer to print topics. We are working on a more printer friendly PDF version of the manual.

Is there a manual in some other language than English?


Is there a version of AdmWin for the Alpha platform?

No, there is no Alpha version of the compiler we use. But it is possible to run the executable on Intel and manage Alpha remotely.

How can I get updates?

Registered users gets twelve months of free updates. Simply download the latest version from this web site.

Is it possible to get E-mail when a new version of AdmWin is released?

No, you have to check this web site.

I have lost the password to the Administrator account, can AdmWin get it for me?

No, but try @stake LC4.

I get the messages "Check Service Binary - Could not find the file "admsrvc.exe" and "Please check / update the service binary and restart this program", do you have any suggestions?

Read about the remote admin service in the manual.