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AdmWin - for the Windows, Linux and Novell Administrator

Current version: 8. What's new page updated January 12, 2007.

AdmWin is five Windows, Linux and Novell network management programs in one:

1. SetupBatcher - Windows: batch create, edit and delete user accounts, passwords, groups, organizational units, directories, shares, FTP and web directories, mailboxes, permissions, registry settings etc. on one or many servers or workstations at once. Run commands on remote machines. Linux: manage Linux and Samba accounts. Run commands on remote machines. Novell: manage NetWare and GroupWise accounts. Transfer accounts including passwords between Linux, Novell and Windows servers. Create or modify accounts on all three platforms at the same time.
Jump start: SetupBatcher flash introduction. Time: 5:52, Size: 566KB.

2. SetupExplorer - Windows: view, edit, sort and export accounts, active directory properties, group membership and shares. Supports both servers and workstations. Linux: manage Linux and Samba accounts. Novell: manage NetWare and GroupWise accounts.

3. NTinfo - Windows: Extract and display network, event log and system information from one or many computers in a Windows domain. Search for files and calculate directory sizes across multiple machines.
Jump start: File finder flash introduction. Time 10:02, Size: 1504KB.

4. NTreport - Windows: Is basically the script version of NTinfo. NTreport can automatically scan one or many windows domains or machines for data, filter the data, export data or perform various actions depending on the data.

5. WinRemote - Windows: A remote management utility for Windows 2003, XP, 2000 and NT machines. Features: remote command prompt, remote process manager, remote service manager, remote screen shot and remote shut down.